May 8, 2012

tattoo tuesday.

happy tattoo tuesday everyone!!!
well my sister and I are leaving on a jet plane this morning to see San Francisco (I've never been... can you say Apple Headquarters!?! eeep!) for a little day-cation and we're actually coming back tonight! 
So I wanted to get these ink havers to you bright and early... enjoy!

okay yeah he's my fave.

so good.

LOVE you maggie!

pma... get that attitude.

this fellow.

couples doodles.

LOVE his beard.

...his beard too.


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  1. hope you had a ball in San Francisco-would love to go there. we went to see San Francisco's best export, Train, in concert on Monday night. They were amazingly brilliantly superb!

  2. what does pma mean?

    love the blog:) every time i come here i just want to get a tattoo! although my dad would probably kill me:( ah well maybe at uni.. xx

  3. I love your tattoo post series, it's kinda addictive, I can't stop clicking :)))

  4. It was all of some lovely designs of yours. All designs have a deep reason behind their incarnation.

  5. Good Designs!!
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