May 31, 2012

the dark side.

hi friends!
well I'm sad to say i had my last day of school with my little pre-school class this week 90% of them are going off to kindergarden and i probably won't see them unless we cross paths on a sunday at church. i was kinda bummed that morning's funny how attached to the kids you get. BUT it was definitely a big "prep" for being a mommy one day ...hopefully soon (wink) i believe that if i can handle 15 little hoodlums (with help) that i can handle a small bunch of my own ...right!?
PS. i know tattoo tuesday didn't happen ...i promise next time will be GREAT as I've been collecting ink havers today and can't wait to share!

in the mean time... here's one i haven't done in a while ...for my fellow closet goths.

still cute!

glits and glam a la dark side.

looks like my two girl kitten's Girly & Hook!

an illustration.


my favorite edward.

hey Minnie!

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  1. First of all, i LOVE Edward... second of all I love this theme. these photos are great together. Love it.

  2. I-I just.
    I think I just fell in love.


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