Jun 7, 2011

tattoo tuesday.

 well, happy tuesday everyone!
the second i found this shot of dash snow i thought "header photo!!!" it's just so good.
so today my goal is to GET WORK DONE! and then the prize tonight is dinner and bowling with my girls! im gonna have an enchilada.

here's some more ink havers...
 pretty pretty.



 her shoulder is winning!

 pretty shot.


 the CUTE fancy pants story: 
I got these Pants for my best friend. I call her ‘Fancy Pants!’ In the 
bar (where we both now work) she was doodling on a napkin and drew these. I snatched the napkin — ran down the street to my tattoo shop and came back to the bar 40 mins later with my new pair of Pants! I love my best friend! This made her laugh so hard. Totally worth it..
via: Vinse 1, Liberty Tattoo, Seattle


 doodles! did you guess that the knife is my FAVE!?

...and awesomeness.

on the street!
so i ran into the cutest little ink haver at open mic night (Matt Mira's Day Off) at the nerdist theatre where my sister i guess it wasn't REALLY 'on the street.' ANYWAY ...i was happy to find out later that she was one of the thirty comics chosen to get her comedy on!

this is Sarah Heggan: tiny lady/comedian&ink haver!
ain't she CUTE!?

thanks sarah! ...again... you are totally adorable! 
i'll bring my big bad camera next time and get some stage shots too!
(see my last 'on the street' shot here.)

Okay folks! until next time... XO.
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