Jun 9, 2011

summer goals.

well why not??
please feel free to jump on the band wagon that Elsie Larson of A Beautiful Mess started with listing your summer goals! here's mine:
1. play my guitar. it's just something i need to start doing again. i listen to music and always want to join in an have a jam session with jeff buckley or devendra banhart or john mayer or whoever im listening to!
2. learn "mas espanol" ... i was doing so good with my rosetta stone! that's okay though because this summer is my chance to get back with it!
3. go for walks at sunset. its so nice to do after dinner in the summer... and good for you too :)
4. cook! 5. more yoga. 6. clean my bedroom (all self explanatory)
7. wear summer dresses. i think i mentioned before that my cousin Brian had suggested that i "stop dressing like a librarian/wife" ...ha! ...and "start dressing like a girlfriend" we'll test his theory this summer!
8. project freedom. (more on this coming later)

Okay! i want to see yours! me to it :)

PS. cute dresses like this one are up for grabs for 3 more days in the fancycatvintage ebay shop! ...i'll share more of my faves with you later... xo.

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