Jul 27, 2009

night time post!

why not?

well i just got home from a leader meeting for my small group that i lead/apprentice. and they had chocolate covered strawberries for snacks and m&ms and salty snack mix. I tried it all and some. I bet I ate like 5+ strawberries too! oh well!

so now im home and I have work to do. i'll call midnight my deadline so we can have some new cute stuff up in the store tomorrow. but really quick i went to my google reader to catch up on my BLOG loves. so thankful for my reader now that i've learned to use it cus it keeps my reading nice and organized and updates me and lets me know if something new is up...

came across this peg board inspiration !!

and ofcourse I'll have to wait till I get my own place to do it ....but until then, I'll LOVE it in my mind :)
waiting patiently for the day to have my own place again. So many ideas running through my head!!


  1. I keep visualizing one of those pans falling into the adorable banana colored trashcan on accident.

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  3. boo comment moderation :(.....I can't wait! I have no patience!......don't allow this one though. :)


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