Jul 27, 2009

the LOVE collection...

hey LOVEs! I am so sorry I haven't been updating. I've been wanting to the whole time and just have not had a second to stop and do it. So no (sigh) that it's 12:30am on Monday morning LOL! I think the time to get back into the mix couldn't be any better!

I have been coming across SO many *Holy CUTE* things that it's gonna take me forever to share. And the pile keeps getting bigger and bigger. I have to tell myself "Tiffany (my real name, by the way) You can NOT show everyone everything!

*sighhh* so here are a few... but I promise there will be more!

So I've been LOVING weddings latley... hmm wonder why? I have a good friend getting married in November and it seems like everyone around me is having a baby. The baby stuff is fine though cus it gives me an excuse to SHOP!

But anyway...

came across this super cool photo booth made for a wedding. I kinda want it at mine... for serious.

and NOT gonna lie. The holga is probably gonna be my next i really "need" it purchase... Le sighhh!

came across some sky play. i'd totally do it if I had time! how bout you?

The Uniform Project was very interesting...

this cute girl is gonna wear the same dress for 365 days for a good cause!!! I wish! She's awesome!

last photo collage (via CUP OF JO)

and hmmmm....shoe bumper stickers. interesting. via *snumpers*

and i must have this floor.

and I must have this ladder in one of my bathrooms... isn't it so warm and country!!?? LOVES!

found these tonight...

im not sure i would own them or that i love them but I do know that they remind me of something i LOVE and thats Sesame Streets "Teeny Little Super Guy" :-D


and I totally died laughing over the posters pop-up comments during the video...*that song's my jam!"

Yikes it's almost 2am! BUT I took a 4 hour nap today so that really does all the explaining.


i LOVE comments! thanks for stopping by! XO.