Jun 10, 2009

what's happenin'

well it's been a few days and I though that maybe I'd share some projects and happenings in time order...

Okay! So I'e been getting pretty crafty shafty <-- it just came out that way. sorry. thanks to all the crafty blog inspiration. and it's totally brought me to a calm zen place when creating. I dont know if its the reminder of "this is what it's like to get creative" from when I was a kid in school during art time. But I've loved it so far.
Latley... I've only made gifts.
This first gift, I can only partially share because I don't want to spoil the surprise for the recipient. I will share the rest later but here are some "pieces" of the piece...

the beginning of it all...
I started with a few supplies and tools. Its crazy now! and I'm actually going to Target tonight to take another lookie at the craft section.
getting "creative"...
nice lil' note inside for this beautiful soul... and photos (currently secret) went over the color blocks!
and I'll show the finished project after it is received ...soon.
BUT also added to the package was a mix tape... I love mix tapes ever since I joined a sorta mix tape CD exchange list with my L83 friends.

I'd like to add that I think it's funny that the "mix tape" is a CD that looks and feels like a tiny lil record LP. Super cute and they come in different colors! so fly!
Okay so then...
a week ago today, my friend sends me a text to enter a contest via twitter/email to go see John Mayer Trio on the new Tonight Show with Conan. I love Conan... but you know how I feel about my Johnny. So I entered the contest and it was only for LA area folks... that's me! Now what was funny about this was that I had a good feeling about it because my friends were sorta encouraging the John Mayer management team to pick me LOL so I can rep. for the L83. I honestly felt all glittery (if you dont know what that means... I'm sorry!)
So that night I go to pick up a friend and on the way my sister suggests that I play JM3's Try CD for luck... I did :)

and seeing this photo of them rehearsing that day made me want to win and be there so bad :(
So anyways. I got home late that night and there was a tweet message from John management saying they were having computer glitches ad they'd announce the winners in the morning. So I woke up in the morning and there wasn't anything in my email so I though "oh well" and went on with my day. 
My sister and I had so much work to do and we had a 5pm deadline! So at about 1ish... I get a text from my friend SueSue (shout out to SueSue!!!) that reads: yay Tif! and first thing I thought was .... Oh God whats that mean??? what? what? Literally I was asking "what!!?what!!?"
No one was answering me and I was logged onto my business email so I knew nothing of the reason for this celebration. I started getting nervous so I went on to twitter and saw something about "Did Tif win?" from my friend Anne (shout out to Anne!) and that's when I started freaking out and so I had to see things for myself so I clicked on Mick Managment's twitter and the beautiful message read: 

  1. #bestsoylatte and #westcoastbritt are our winners. if any of you guys are their friends - someone tell them to check their email already!
  2. and when I saw this I started screaming bloody murder apparently because my sister thought I was dying or someone died or something horrible happened LOL. So after getting up from my desk and screaming and ....yes, crying and having a breakdown. I pulled myself together and saw this other tweet of theirs...

    Congratulations @bestsoylatte & @westcoastbritt! You'll be heading to the see JM3 on The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien today! Check email

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  1. Girl! I can't believe you! Absolutely can't believe the wonderful card, fly mix tape and St Patty's hat that I will rock in July in Texas, oh yes I will, OK back to the sentence.....can't believe it was for me! I love it all, I love you, I am amazed and so so happy. You are the sweetest and craftiest girl eva! Mwah! My heart is happy happy happy :o))))


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