Jun 21, 2009

just lookin'

and I'll really look tomorrow. i've been wanting to catch up on my blog reading and I am def. behind. i promise i'll add to my "blog love" list soon and eventually it'll have all my loves.
right now i'm just running into some cute things...

...on blog #1.
i want (and don't necessarily need) some of these. you know... to stamp onto my gifts when I send them : ) note: I dont feel guilty about buying things if they are for gifts for others. im gonna look into this.
...return address rubber stamps from paperwink...
June cards, designed by Christopher David Ryan, in celebration ofPort2Port's 3rd year.
really I love the lady holding the cupcake. reminds me of my love for red velvet cupcakes!!... with cream cheese frosting ofcourse ( : 
but i really DO love that cup cake sketch...probably will be inspiration for an up coming birthday craft! shh... sneaky sneaky.
these all found on: oh joy!
tangent complaint.
sooo just when i thought that maybe it's officially time to break out the tanks, floppies, and skirts... the June gloom comes back. i need to know! not really tho : T i just like coming up with cute summer outfits in my mind. (dont roll your eyes!)
next blog.
okay so is this the cutest ring ever? i think she found it on etsy... i'll have to do some hunting (found it!).... i love bows! 44 bucks hurts my feelings... but maybe someone nice will buy it for me (wink).
and seeing all these cute things on her counter makes me want to go back to the thrift store...

...but when we finally got there (remember i had been waiting all week to go!) my tummy triggered and started hurting me. i was in so much pain that i couldn't even enjoy... must go back this week. like monday.
totally inspired!
I LOVE LOVE the mustache mugs she got from UO... but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the most this "dirty mug" also at UO. 
I honestly might have to make the 30 minute drive back to UO in Costa Mesa just to have this. so bad.
all this via: bleubirdvintage!
wow! that was only 2 out of like 20 blogs i still need to catch up on and i'm beat! i am going to be so drowsy at church in the morning.
i will continue later but i want to mention that i think it was SO funny that today was my parent's anniversary and NO ONE remembered but my dad! We've all been so focused on Father's Day that we totally forgot! Oh well, so after he reminded us before he left to go pick up my mom from work (ain't that cute)... my sister and I made surprise brownies that they've been begging us to make all week but we didn't have eggs.
I ate two already (with milk). guilty. 
So happy anniversary Mom and Dad! thanks for everything : )


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