May 31, 2009

more love.

things i LOVE. i've been inspired all day!
i KNOW i'm not going to be able to do it all in one post but these are the ones that come to mind first!

PS. my car (i dont want to say broke down or died so) had a slight stroke today and she's (Rey-rey is her name) is sitting in a parking lot tonight in Pomona and I pray she'll be okay until I go give my keys to the shop that she's at at 8am tomorrow. Im totally gonna be there on time too. Poor baby!
But I'm not gonna let this crazy day get to me so I will end it on LOVE.

1. love this.

fell instantly in LOVE with this. it's totally feeding into my new motto, "LOVE" credit.

Dos. ha!!

okay so this made me pee. saw it on another blog and had to grab it. it's a vintage mag ad for maxi pads? dont know who to give credit to. but my credit to you is that i LOVE it.
3. i died today in a store called anthropologie because I thought I was in heaven! oh man I will be back... I WILL be back. but here's a pic I took on a cute green chair they had in the home decore galore section...

really can't wait to go back when it's time to decorate my own place! And they had the cutest aprons! I'll stop cus really I can go on and on!
my new ring tone and favorite Sesame Street memory.
I like when they do the number 4 (this is a compilation of them all obviously SS wouldn't make you learn 11 numbers in one day ughh!) cus they use "4" or "FOUR" as FORRRE! like golf and all the animals in the pinball machine are golfing. Okay maybe I'm the only one who cares. oh well.
I really am rockin' it as my ring tone tho! You know that's the Pointer Sisters singing right??

5. my happy place for snacky fruit time!
for real real! After what I went through today with my car. I got home and set my purse down took 2 minutes tops to explain my sob story to the family and got into my sisters car and made a mad dash for fro-yo (frozen yogurt) at Yogurtland. They just put one around the corner from me... I was driving to CSFullerton (12 miles) no problem. Now I just live at Yogurtland in Chino Hills.  Find me there!
off to have sweet dreams (sweetly requested by Mr. France) thank you and I will :)

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