Apr 16, 2009

real quick.

hi. i just wanna get one in before i start work that needs to be done by 5 again. ughh im so last minute.

last night. i loved...

1.This FB status update!
I mean wow! How often does this happen now-a-days? Which has inpired me to start making hand made notes and cards and using them. They always put a smile on my face when recieved so I know it'll do the same to others.

2. love these. always.
I actually own these in a nutbold shape version in silver. I love them. These are for sale on etsy.

3. I need one of these.
note: Hip bag. NOT a fanny pack :) also on etsy.

4. okay and this was just adorable.
so cute! have you ever seen a bird with a french fry?? They DO look super happy (: (sigh)

5. today i loved.
woke up and waited for Bonzie to get here so we could head over to Molli's for "brunch". I arrived and we celebrated a friends pregnancy announcment! We are all flipping out *and I can go into a weird tangent here but I wont* So then I took her lil doggie Benny out for a walk and had to take this picture:

After that Molli and Bonzie made us an amazing "brunch"...shown half eaten here:
the strawberries made the whole experience life changing!

XO betty.

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