Apr 13, 2009

I love.

current things I love...

1. This dress.
this is a photo of it before I went out to do the shoot. I thought it was so pretty. I hope it sells for a million dollars! The bottom is unhemmed to make it a mini. See it this week at FancyCat Vintage

2. this shot.
this is actually a photo for sale on etsy. I put it in my favorites just cus I like it.

3. This girl.
I love my sisto so much. I usually don't leave home without her :) She is my business partner as well as my partner in crime! This photo is a great shot taken on the Mayer Craft Carrier 2 cruise we just got back from.

3. this!
okay so this is obviously the coolest thing ever (also on etsy). seen here with an iPod inside but it also hold the iPhone and other cell phones and I've been thinking a lot about the iPhone cus it's almost time for me to get a new phone! I can't think of anything else to get but the iPhone :( maybe a blackberry???
anywho... check the houndstooth! HOT!

4. this place.
no really you guys. All thank's to God, the store has been doing SO well! Praise God!! It's job #1 and I truly do believe that it's gonna go to the top! But anyways, you should check it out! It's been remodeled and it's lookin' all cute! :-D

5. This guy.
Johnny Lee! (photo stolen off of his Facebook) Okay so he looks super serious husband Daddy here, but he knows I like that :) I got to spend Easter eve with this guy and he is such a super cute sweetie pie with brains too! and for the record I just want to say that I meant every word that I used to describe this individual that I love. He's most definitely a catch and he's gonna bless some lucky girl one day. BUT... until then... I shall be number ONE! bwaaaahh ha ha ha haa!

6. my BFF toy.
this is a cute "blind box" "vinyl toy" thing-a-ma-bob that Johnny bought me on Easter eve after church/dinner. It's called BFF cus it has different things that are BFF's. shown here is the one I got. It's a "heart" that is BFF with the "arrow". Even though the arrow has hurt and literally killed the heart... they are BFF. I guess you gotta see it. Anyways, thanks Johnny for taking this cute photo of me in the Asain's only store (wink). Love ya!

7. this memory.
best shot from the cruise!! John Mayer with his arm around my sister. When I met him last summer she didn't get to go backstage with us so this totally made up for it! this is when he called her on stage and he was letting people do 60 seconds of stand up and the winner got $500! But Bonzie just had one question... this is just before she asked...."Where are all the black people?! Did we not show up?!" <--LMBO!!! The crowd was screaming with laughter and John was laughing and clapping. Best night ever! After this we watched him play with David Ryan Harris on that same tiny stage then we stayed up all night at John's Private party with him until 7am.... that was rough!

that's all for now :)
XO Betty.

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