Apr 3, 2009


Looking back on old posts.
wow have things changed. and wtheck was i talking about sometimes. i really shouldnt blog from my cell in the late hours. those of you that know me know that its not smart to hold a convo with me while im half sleep. ill tell you anything. and it might not be true LOL.
just watched MILK. i cried.
i think the rocking (from the boat) has finally stopped. but i feel a little woosey here and there sometimes.
foto shoot at 11 am. I shall set my alarm cus its a REAL job now.
freaked out a little today but i have to remember what time it is.
im hungry.
went to this awesome coffee shop the other day in LB. i think its called portfolios (according to a friend) MUST go back!
WILL go back :) details later.


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