Monday, September 3, 2012

manic monday.

Hi everybody!
So, a good manic monday starts with a photo of the world famous P.W. Herman 
(in a cowboy getup) ...enjoy the rest.

pretty norma jean!

Dolly LOVE!

little miss jane fonda! ...don't you die over how cute she is!?

miss ken & mister ken.

Elvis forever!!

LOVE the colors of this shot of Charlie and Mr. Wonka.

the original rat pack ladies and gents.

BEST! = Julie and the dreamy DVD!

...and thinking this might be my fave of madonna. LOVE it!

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  1. love the manics but i always feel u miss out joanna lumley. i dunno she might just be big in england but i think she would be a great addition to the next manic monday? x


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