Aug 22, 2012

tattoo tuesday. (late night edition)

i'm finally home!
i worked a half day BUT it was the later half of the day (and thank GOD it started off good! ...heh.) AND you guys are okay with me featuring Ricky Hall (above) and his tattoos and abs again, yes? okay good cus I mean it made for such a good header shot that I just HAD too! 
Uhmm okay so... without further adieu, please enjoy tonight's tattoos!

arrow >>>-----------> love it. i want one.

okay, so... NOWWW i think i need one of these!! 
(AND the mustache on another finger too!)

aww... tattoo buddies.

LOVE the birds.

the doodles on her hands are best!

oh, hi again Ricky Hall!

let there be light & keep me where the light is (get it?)

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  1. There's lots of creative tattoos in this post!

    xo Jennifer


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