Monday, December 26, 2011

manic monday.

oh hi everyone!
just wanted to say that a REAL manic monday will return next week. 
tomorrow is a big day for me. i'm going to get to officially check something off my bucket list and my mind (and to-do list) is going CRAZY!
BUT... i just couldn't wait another week to share this amazing photo of Paul with you. his beard amazing or what!!? seriously, i think this is the best photo he's EVER taken...

so, i'll be back!
***follow my instagram user name: "bestsoylatte" for photo updates of my big day 
(i'll be taking a lot!!) 
...and/or follow me on twitter: bestsoylatte for all day updates!

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sunday inspiration.

 accessory inspo!
here's some pieces i LOVE & use for daily inspo.
PS. do you die over the yellow polish above... #want!!

 spike LOVE!

 totally love these.

 so pretty.

 gold watch inspo.

 must duplicate this ASAP!

 i LOVE this whole look.

 southwestern aztec fringe LOVE!!!!

 everything seen here = #WANT!!!

amazing bright pants & gold spikes inspo.

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Sunday, December 25, 2011

christmas 2011

 hi hi hi everyone!
i pray that you all are having the best christmas ever. mine is going pretty good!
here's how my holiday went via my instagram photos... enjoy.

...well this was last night...
tree deco and last minute gift wrapping session.
 i decided to go with a lime green wrap with some burnt yellow vintage yarn i had in my stash!

i also had some fancy colored paint chips in said stash so i used them for crafty name tags.

this one i made for my daddy was my fave... 
(i gave him black paper for variety's sake)  

 i was first to get up in the morning! 
...i also "played santa" this year.

 Dani's 2011 stack
(she only asks for movies for xmas ...and includes a three column list!)

 mommy & i got booties from dani & we got my mom some pink glitter TOMS!

 ...and dani got me urbanears in YELLOW!!! 

 had a little breakfast before we headed to Disneyland for a lunch date ...just cus.

 ...carnation cafe has the yummiest foods...
i got the cheese sandwich on pretzel bread with potato salad 
& dani got the turkey sandwich with potato soup .......YUMMOS!!


Friday, December 23, 2011

for the literate.

 well hello there.
so yay for literate posts being back cus ive got a fun collection for you all today. but seriously can you believe tomorrow is Christmas eve!!?? [insert brain explosion here]
anyway... i LOVE the easy posters like the one above... id love to have a giant poster like this in my future home.
here's more...
 i LOVE this.

 ....and i mean everything.


 oh good.



good stuff on bellini soiree dot com (thx esther!)


it's TRUE ...i promise.
#LOVE to you all!!!

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the dark side ...continued.

Pinned Image
...and we're back.
hi closet goths! i slept and now im up!!!
here's the rest of THE DARK SIDE... thank you for waiting. i LOVE youuuus!

Pinned Image
reasons why im vegetarian.

Pinned Image
creepy water LOVE.

Pinned Image
Pinned Image
this isnt happiness dot com ...great for closet goths like us :O)

Pinned Image

Pinned Image
bust dot com ...also good... also why im vegetarian.

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UFO eggs!!

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

the dark side.

this post won't be completed tonight due to the need to be in bed NOW 
...and tech/internet issues that made me give up.
i will return to finish this post in the morning.

photo via pinterest.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

tattoo tuesday.

Pinned Image
oh, hi everyone!!
are you waiting for tattoos? well... here they are!
PS. do you LOVE the kitten tattoo above as much as i do!!?
it made me "eeeeep!"




LOVE this.



very interesting ...glad its a heart though!

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