Dec 19, 2011

manic monday.

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oh, hi darlings!
okay so before monday gets away from me i wanted to bring back the manic LOVE! it's been too long what with MASK monday & MOvember taking over for the past two months. sooo the DOJ celeb files are full and i've been waiting TOO long to share!
so here goes (...and you're okay with me starting it out with Mr. Franco ...right!!? ...#LeYUM)

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CAPOTE... yep.

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angelica huston = always amazing.

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...and i just LOVE this screen shot of dennis hopper.

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emma stone ...she's a good ginger. (for my gurrrl esther who watched me hand pick most of these from the files ...on my break.) 

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LOVE the almost candid's of marilyn.

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okay so can i just sneak one more of james in here 
...just cus he REALLY looks like jeff buckley here (& i LOVE that the most!!)

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& christina ricci = good.

...well shoot it's past midnight. oh well!

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