Nov 8, 2011

tattoo tuesday.

 well hello ink lovers!
here's a fancy collection of ink haver photos for your tuesday and PS. keep sending me your tattoos! i LOVE hearing from you & seeing what kind of ink you have too AND... you just might be featured! 

 i LOVE this shot.

 doodle inspo!!

 beautiful! ...i want to hold his hand... who is this man?

 from the hedi slimane diary.

 good ink here.

 above the influence support!

 more doodles!!! i LOVE the indian girl...#want!

 it's so me.

 tattoos peeking out of work clothes = i die.

holy CUTE!!!!

other photos via


  1. Love the one with the pug - a whole bunch of cute! Am already doodling my next tatt - am thinking a seahorse!

  2. Oh, the one with the dog just ROCKS!

    Like you, I love the hand of the unknown man too.


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