Jul 27, 2008

Johnny day!!! 7-27-08

I will try my very best to keep updated notes of my day today here. ***From my cell phone (with pictures)*** I'll be leaving for church soon (when my friends from Big Bear get here). We'll do church (I'll try my best to pay attention) and then after that we'll do brunch. THEN it's off to go see Juan!

Our meet & greet is scheduled for 6:50pm.... and I thought: hmmm that's funny cus the show starts at 7... :-\

Anyways... I'm not complaining cus I'll be with Johnny (:

So I'm down to 2 outfits... I still havent made a final decision but I think I know what I'm gonna pick. I'm gonna be simple and cute instead of funky/cute. But those of you that know me know that I really want to do funky/cute... I'm just afraid that "strangers" won't be able to handle it and I'll be un-comf the whole day. BUT that's a-whole-nother story in my mind to get into to.
Okay I'm gonna go pack and get the day stared!
Here we come Johnny!


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