Jul 6, 2008

I cooked!!!

can you believe it??? my own mother was in complete shock! look how beautiful it came out!
~from my cell
Okay so I sent the above from my phone. But what I wanted to talk about was how my sis and I were out after church today and we were talking in the car about how eating out is a really big expense when you look closely at it (or people like her and I who eat out all the time) and I just got the big idea to just start learning to cook my own meals and make meals that I could take as my "lunch" or "dinner" or whatever so I don't go looking for the closest el pollo loco.
Sooo I decided to make this easy recipe that my good friend Candace shared with me probably over a year ago and it's been on my fridge since then and I finally got the guts to make an attempt to cook. SHOCKER for real!!! *for those of you that know me... you all know that cooking and my name NEVER go in the same sentence... and that's sad, I'll be honest.
So let's see where this little idea goes. Hopefully it will lead to good health and my children (when I have some) won't starve (:
PS. The above photo was taken from my cell phone and the 1st part of this blog was blogged via cell phone which I really need to do more often while I am out. Cus I see stuff and think funny/odd/special things all the time and I really should share! So stay tuned!
BUT what I really wanted to say was that the meal you see above is called: Whole Wheat Rotini with Spinach and Parmesan <--- re-named by me because of the different ingredients I used due to trying to make it more healthy (trying to lose weight for my Juan show coming up this month!!! eeeeeekkkk) and not being able to find Fusilli and Asiago Cheese! (-;
REAL NAME: Fusilli with Spinach and Asiago Cheese (off of Episode#EI1017) try it!
Special thanks go to: My sou chef and sister Dani... this totally wouldn't have come out right if you weren't on that spinach girl! You chopped that stuff like a mad black lady!! We did it!! AND my parent's for eating it and enjoying it...actually (:
xoxo~ (:

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