Jun 22, 2012

for the dark literate tattoos.

Oh hello everyone!
Well the time is getting close... the time when I get my new computer is SO close I can taste it! I'm just wrapping up on final decisions i.e. desktop with a big screen to work on or a have the best of both worlds and be mobile with a 15" macbook pro!
What do you guys suggest!? Please help! Fellow bloggers... leave a comment and let me know what you like!

In the mean time... I made a mash up of the days I missed in being busy letting life make me smile.
Oh, how life cracks me up!


stay free.

cats cats cats.

IN. LOVE. WITH. THIS. SWIM SUIT...and the ink doodles.


always LOVE maggie of NOIR OHIO.

(wink wink)

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  1. The big screeeeennnn!! :3

  2. Go for the Pro! I just ordered one (and am anxiously awaiting its arrival). The new Apple updates are fantastic, and don't you just want to be able to bring it with you? The screen is so great you'll forget you considered a desktop.

  3. I suggest the Pro! I just got my new 15" a couple days ago...and LOVE IT! You can't take a desktop with you on vacation or to work. So you have to make the best of both worlds and just get the laptop. This was my first Mac and they have the student discount which was awesome. Plus it is extremely fast to load up compared to my previous laptop.

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