Apr 2, 2012

manic monday.

hi guys!
im back... thanks for waiting and PS. thanks AGAIN for all the love you guys send me via email and the comments. i feel like we're all friends that LOVE the same stuff which makes me want to show you guys more stuff! ...i wish i could blog like 2 or 3 times a day. maybe one day soon when i get more home time. for now i'm working my tush off so i can MOVE OUT! won't those blog posts be fun with all the deco ideas i have. #SOON!
okay so here's some photos i thought were fun... starting it out with Mr. Franco seemed like a no-brainer!


JGL for my sisto!

im such a Mad Men freak ....LOVE LOVE LOVE John...

...and Jon! #meow!

still can't get over the cuteness of emma's new hair!

GOS + Beard = #dyiiing!

Ashley O! LOVE!!!

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