Mar 2, 2012

some things...

WOW... it's late.
hi everyone! i wanted say a few things before i started a new day o' fun...

first- this is phase one of the BLOG face lift!! eep! i think i LOVE it! 
***please let me know what you think!

second- this all started over wanting to change out my comment system... i noticed i was missing SO many comments that were getting stuck in the regular "blogger" comment system so i just went back to the norm (PLUS, they have a new embedded/reply option so i can chit chat with you all in the comments about life and tattoos and moustaches and etc!!) ***please test the comment system for me! 

third- i don't think i mentioned that my sister and i went to "Leap Day" at Disneyland!!! ...and this is me recovering from spending the night with thousands of Disney freaks at the happiest place on earth! it was fun but Dani and i came home as zombies in the end.

okay, back to the bed!
i'll be back tomorrow... orrr today with a post.



  1. hey girl..i'm in love with your blog for a while already and it's finally time that i tell you your tattoo tuesdays, your spooky posts, and everything you're sharing with us. it's really rare lately to bump into some unique blogs that follow their own vibe..i'm trying to do that with my blog also, hope you'll check it out and tell my if i've managed even for a bit..

    you even deserved a place in my blog roll ;)

    kissez from croatia
    (hope you know where that is ;))..

    1. sadie!! thank you so much for your sweet words ...sending love to you from California all the way to Croatia :O)



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