Sunday, October 23, 2011

sunday inspiration.

 i miss you all!
here's some photos that inspired me & made me think of you!

 pink & pony inspo.

 stripes for cool photo inspo.

 potential tattoo inspo.

 inspo to have big 60's hair & a rabbit... what?

 inspo that made me think of my new friend heather ...hi heather! #hugs

 indie mc donald's photography inspo a fan.

 pastel inspo.

 inspo to treat myself to a pretty pumpkin spice latte tomorrow... doing it.

inspo to need to know who this guy is ...i'm pretty sure i like him. HA!

pretty jelly fish inspo.

& the cutest breakfast ever inspo!

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  1. Tiffany~
    Just wanted to say I LOVE your blog....again =) it always puts me in a better mood! Loved the pic of the guy that is doing laundry.


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