Oct 27, 2010

who. what. LOVE

who: TOMS shoes

what: With every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of NEW shoes to a child in need! Isn't that SO COOL :) I'm actually going to treat myself to a pair of TOMS very soon.... I've just been having a very hard time in choosing a color. 
LOVE: i made this little collage of "TOMS photos" but my heart just melts when i see the photo of the little striped shoe going on the little one's foot :') ...i LOVE what they are doing!

who: iheart

what: Caution! This store is not for the fainthearted, over 2500 colorful fun items listed!! (it's TRUE!)
LOVE: my friend Jessie has SO many goodies... I really don't know where to start :)

what: this will be the place to be for little stocking stuffer trinkets for me... shhh don't tell.
LOVE: i LOVE the pocket mirrors the most because they can be given to each of my girls for a little "love, me" trinket gift ...*Xmas idea!!*

what: wall decor gone so so CUTE!
LOVE: when I move to my own place... i definatley want a cute welcome sign like the above :) ...okay and probably a letter "T" too!

what: you have to see it to believe it. it's an adorable vintage shop with zombies for models... i swear!
LOVE: i need those white moccasins to LIVE!! why do they never come in my size??

what: the inspirational blog of art lover, Kenda!
LOVE: i LOVE how she's celebrating Holloween time with scary photos right now :)) 

what: one of the best shops for vintage dresses for us curvy girls... that's for sure :)
LOVE: totally in LOVE with the above red granny heels... again NOT my size... so go get'um!

what: a CUTE lady in Canada with a cute vintage shop and a cute BLOG too!
LOVE: let's talk about my dream pink holga up there that she is the new owner of... i want one so bad!! comment on the amazing size 5 shoes that ALSO don't fit me!

what: and insane collection of amazing vintage pieces stolen from my dreams!!
LOVE: uhmm.... okay, i LOVE everything!! ...go see for yourself!

what: cute cute cute vintage pieces for the lady who likes to dress up :)
LOVE: i pretty much LOVE that nautical sweater... nautical & stripes = winner forever!

who: Me&Yu

what: These two kids are funky... and they have the funkiest artsy stuff!
LOVE: well you'll have to see for yourself BUT i get a little grunge feel from them and ...i LOVE it :)

what: a cute vintage shop with an amazing lookbook! for real!
LOVE: i'm in LOVE with the collection of hippie chic items they have ;))

who: Mod Cloth

what: a  BIG & BAD apparel shop with Vintage and NEW items! ...genius! 
LOVE: Dying over the above wedges and seriously might treat myself to them for Christmas ....serious.

what: you know those expensive bath fizzies?... well these aren't expensive and their CUTE!!
LOVE: i LOVE the color of the spanish moss one above (i wanna eat it) ...i also LOVE her BLOG (....and it looks like a mask is coming out for Halloween time too!)

 who: Urban Outfitters

what: yep!... that place where ALLLLL the hipsters shop :)
LOVE: i can't stop laughing and LOVING that "longest beard ever" Halloween trinket! LOVE it!

 who: Happy Socks

what: the cutest collection of socks i've ever seen!
LOVE: Their photo shoots are seriously too CUTE!

what: a CUTE vintage shop for nerds who like cool stuff me :)
LOVE: i've fallen in LOVE with the above black ocean globe ...and I'm praying to get one for Christmas! ...yes, I'm serious.

what: a sweet collection of vintage things!
LOVE: okay maybe i had a plaid attack above. BUT isn't the granny top so cute!?

what: a dream shop for my inner dark side!
LOVE: i LOVE the beauty of the skeleton cameos :) ...and i want that spider necklace too!! 

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  1. love MOD Cloth, Tom Shoes! And so many thanks for the store feature.
    I think I have found some other amazing sellers on etsy, thanks to you! :)

  2. Gosh...I'm just now seeing this. Thanks for the shout out!

  3. I love your works:) x


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