May 17, 2010

i LOVE you monday.

happy Monday everyone!
a new week is here and i have a big to-do list.
i must've had a busy busy weekend because i was SUPER tired today!

i LOVE you Monday

i LOVE this shoot of John Krasinski...

and some other b&w celeb photos i LOVE.
paul newman... he's so dreamy.
(i like that it says "HOT" in the probably really said "hotel")

one of my fave shoots of madonna

the beetles

elvis and a friend at a cute little diner. [via photokunst]
(20 cent grilled cheese!!! that's awesome!)

frankie and his daughter nancy sinatra :-) CUTE!


[other photos via weheartit&googleimages]


  1. Loving your great looking dress Tiffany on monday. I told that girl about Tattoo Tuesday again! She could be on your blog in your pics! Great artwork. I'da asked her out, but her boyfriend was talking to my friend the boss when I was at another glass shop monday.

  2. Love those photos of John Kraskinski!
    Great blog - a feast for the eyes!

  3. Oh my goodness! I love love loveeeeee John Krasinski :) Thank you for posting these pictures!


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