Aug 21, 2009

late night. early morning.

hey everyone it's 1:45 AM... what the hey!

Went out to dinner for my sisto's birthday. Which really was on the 15th but we wanted to do something as a family sooo we went to the very yummy Alcapulco's and i hate to admit that i had half a chile relleno and half a cheese enchilada and a fourth of dessert! YIKES! is right because i got home and fell onto my bed and went into the coma.

The wonderful Mr. France woke me up via text cus he hadn't heard from me... sweet thing! Now I'm UP!

So summer is SO totally leaving us but I found this pic of Paul Newman...

and Joanne Woodward. (via A CUP OF JO) is he not the dreamiest of dreamies??? Yikes!!! and can I just add that this was before personal trainers and crazy diet plans and etc.
We miss you Pauly Poo but we still buy your marinara every week!

And the best merch shirt EVER award goes too....

Mr. Ray LaMontagne!!!
If you dont know what he looks wont find this picture funny. But I personally LOLed for days!! Mick Management... you win for the best line up of artists which includes my Johnny Mayer!!! ...and took the cake with this shirt!
see Ray and hear his beautiful music here. Boy can SANG! ...for serious!

and the cutest... well 2nd cutest kid pic award goes to...

can you even guess who this is!!!???

David Blaine!!! and Oh my goodness he's so cute I cant even stand it enough to say any thing else!!!
LOVE LOVEs it!!!
(this pic via his twitter)

***1st place goes to Johnny ofcourse!!! See his as #11 here! ----that's my kid sister's BLOG: Days Days Days!! Check it out! it's so cool!

and speaking of Miss Dani...

Just wanna give her one more Happy Birthday wish!!! I love you sisto! I can't believe you're 20! What happened??? :') (sigh) Ohhh well.... God is good for giving us so much to look back on and giving me the best sister EVER!!!! I love you Danyah!!!


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